Below are a few key points that outline our program philosophies and strategies:

All children enrolled in services at the center will receive assessments in the following areas:

 Behavioral skills and deficits

 Functional (independent living) skills and deficits

 Social skills and deficits

 Academic skills and deficits

The assessment process takes about 90 days. At the end of the assessment period, your child’s team will meet with you to discuss their findings in each area, and to outline a plan to prioritize and build strategies to address each area.

It is our primary mission to build your child’s program based on these 4 pillars, to ensure that (s)he has the best skill set possible to lead as independent a life as possible. Whether your child is 4 or 14, we want to work together with you to help him/her learn how to be and grow in the world, how to be as successful in life as (s)he can possibly be.

Your child will receive services in a format that provides support from behavioral staff, mental health counselors, instructional aides, teachers, and administrative staff. (S)he will be assigned to a small group of children who are scheduled to move from one focus area (“pod”) to another throughout the day. (S)he will have an individual program that targets the most critical skill deficits in all 4 areas. The children learn in pod areas such as cooking, art, music, social skills, functional (life) skills, and academics. Much training and learning will happen in the community, in places like the grocery store, in order to learn real-life skills in real-life settings with appropriate behavioral and instructional individuals supporting them.

It is our hope that we can figure out a way to cover all tuition costs through a combination of scholarships and clinical funding. Caladium participates in both the McKay and Gardiner Scholarship programs. Either scholarship will typically cover a good part of the cost of attendance. The remaining costs may be covered through primary insurances and Medicaid plans that provide coverage for children with autism and/or other disabilities. Based on the information you provide via the referral form, we have administrative staff who can help you figure out how those costs can be covered, and what steps you need to take to help us navigate your insurance carrier.

Below are links to the McKay and Gardiner websites, where you can find information about eligibility (who can get the scholarships), how to apply for them, and what the required time frames are. The processes can appear complicated, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to your center director for guidance and assistance.

McKay Scholarship

Gardiner Scholarship