The Caladium Learning Center

for Autism and Related Disorders

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About Us

The mission of The Caladium Learning Center is to provide a developmentally appropriate education using researched based behavioral strategies for students with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities.

The vision and purpose of The Caladium Learning Center is to demonstrate that all age students with autism spectrum disorder can learn to lead successful & fulfilling lives through a structured educational program using strategies individualized to each student’s needs.

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Eligibility & Admissions

The Caladium Learning Center accepts children with the primary eligibility of autism spectrum disorder for students enrolling in our elementary and middle school programs. Our program accepts children with autism spectrum disorder, speech and language delay, developmental delay or other health impaired and related disabilities. All students are enrolled with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Our Services Include

Providing a loving, nurturing environment for children with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities so that they achieve self-confidence in school and the community that extends to their everyday life.


Providing academic skills in highly individualized classes so that they may strive for academic excellence and feel equal among peers.


Developing social skills that enable the child to function in society so that they may feel a sense of belonging and purpose.


Increasing language/communication skills through a total communication approach, using verbalizations, sign language, augmentative devices and visual supports.

Providing a positive learning environment which will enrich the learning experience so that the student develops an interest in learning.

Providing a positive behavioral supports through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy from Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Apply Now

Online applications for The Caladium Learning Center are accepted on a year-round basis, provided that space is available. Based on state requirements, all applications must be completed through the admissions department. Should you encounter any trouble when applying online, please contact the admissions department at (321) 362-5760 for further assistance.


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